As the daughter of humanitarian and community development workers, founder of Third Culture Kid (TCK), Palesa Mercedes Recalde has always been drawn to aiding others, learning from different cultures, people, communities & regions. Born to a South American father from Ecuador and a Southern African mother from Lesotho, Palesa led a nomadic lifestyle growing up. Moving from country to country every 3-4 years, she had the opportunity to experience life, schooling, joy & tribulations in some of the most culturally rich areas of the world. Born in Italy and raised in New York, Mali, Lesotho, Zambia, Palestine/Israel and now based in Los Angeles.

TCK was conceptualized in Los Angeles where Palesa got both her associate of Art Degree in Fashion Design & bachelors in business management from FIDM. As a reflection of her soul, TCK became her way to show, through fashion, the unique lifestyle and reality of a nomad and what is now referred to as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). 

TCK's mission is to share fashion from different cultures, whilst giving back to those communities and paying homage to diversity. TCK seeks to be conscious and respectful of what these pieces mean to their regions and people. TCK sells curated artisan products and is developing its own authentic and unique clothing, inspired by the vast array of countries it shares links to.

TCK seeks to open people’s minds, and supports the development of global citizenship. Through sales as well as production, TCK will be able to do its part in the development of communities and help create sustainable jobs and skills where it is based. Helping the empowerment of humanity, global citizenship, and cultural based tolerance of all kinds.


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